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Fergus Cooper

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I'm a storyteller.  I'm passionate about telling stories that engage audiences and move people.  Often it's about the ONE!  The one who had the courage to take a stand on an issue, the one who campaigned for human rights, the one who ultimately made a difference.  I'm interested in exploring communal history.  Not the classroom texts that focus on kings and queens, empires, divine right, and imperial might. But stories about ordinary people struggling to get by, to earn a living, and to raise a family.  The fight for equality and justice, for a fair wage and safe working conditions. Social history, the people's history, is our communal history just waiting to be explored. 

I've worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors and led 4 children's charities in my time.  As a marketing communications professional, I've devised and led major public policy campaigns. I'm a media trainer running courses on TV interview training. I've worked locally and internationally and delivered specialist communications training to NGO personnel about to be deployed into conflicted countries.

I have a BSSc(Econ) from the Queen's University Belfast, a PGC in Marketing from the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, and an HND in Creative Media from Northern Ireland Film & Television School, Bangor. (For a detailed career history read my LinkedIn profile).

I'm a 30+ year member of the National Union of Journalists.

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