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Film Festival Fever

Updated: Jan 23

My first feature documentary: The Quiet Shuffling of Feet was successful in submissions to three international film festivals. In July it featured in the Lulea International Film Festival in Sweden winning Best Debut Feature Documentary. It also picked up Best Feature Documentary in the Lift-Off Global Network First Time Filmmakers festival 2023. Finally, it was screened at the AWIIF Festival in Estonia in August 2023.

The documentary deals sensitively with the subject of conflict trauma and recovery as seen through the eyes of David Bolton. David was a second responder to the Enniskillen and Omagh bombings and led the post bombing recovery services. He established the Northern Ireland Centre for Trauma & Transformation in Omagh in 2000 and led it for the next decade, In retirement he authored: Conflict, Peace and Mental Health, Addressing the consequences of conflict and trauma in Northern Ireland (Manchester University Press).

The film can still be booked for local screenings. Contact me at:

I hope to make the film available for screenings in schools as part of the Shared Education programme 2024.

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